Building Readiness Through Partnership

Combining the assets of the private sector with the resources, knowledge, and access of the public sector can create Partnerships that fill those gaps and take the recovery of your business to the next level.


NPP is a 501 (c)(3) established in 2014 for the purpose of engaging Nebraska businesses, critical infrastructure, key resources, and citizens. NPP will build the readiness of private stakeholders in Nebraska to prepare, mitigate, respond, and recover from disasters through advocacy, training, and public partnerships.

A broad spectrum of partners

Local businesses own and operate 85% of assets, which are critical to keeping our communities viable. The public and private sectors are collaborating to be better prepared and respond to the effects of a disaster. A broad spectrum of partners working together strengthens the resilience of all communities in Nebraska.


The Omaha Fire and Police Departments are already collaborating with NPP, County Emergency Management, the Health Department personnel, public utilities, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, so that communities are prepared when disasters strike.

NPP collaboration diagram

The safety and well-being of our citizens is what draws us together. Having established relationships before a disaster strikes will help us to provide a comprehensive, coordinated response.

Colonel Bradley Rice- Nebraska State Patrol Superintendent


NPP is a coalition of the state’s business and government leaders who share a commitment to strengthen the capacity of the state to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters through public-private collaboration. Created in 2014 by Nebraska businesses and representatives from key state agencies, the Partnership empowers businesses to integrate business resources, expertise, and plans with those of government during all stages of disaster management.

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  • Bob Achenbach


  • Melissa Owing


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  • Cindy Vanderlinden


  • Lynn Marshall


  • Karry Johnson


  • John Packett



NPP wants you to be the next name added.

NPP has already begun gathering strong partners in Farm Credit Services, Cox Communications, and OPPD. NPP is working with multiple local businesses that NPP believes will become members soon.

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