Access to Facilities Sooner

Road Closed Signage

If roads or building access are restricted, who do you call?

Business Reentry Program

Even the best business continuity plans cannot provide for your ability to physically move personnel and assets outside the walls of your facility during an emergency. In a post-disaster environment there is no guarantee of personnel reentry to facilities or even movement from your business location to your recovery site.

The business reentry program is a pre-event credentialing program that allows key personnel quick and temporary access to disaster-affected facilities for immediate needs once the facilities are cleared for safety by emergency response personnel.

Direct Access to Police & Fire Information


How do you get your information from public entities in emergencies?

Emergency Operations Center Liaison

NPP places trained volunteer private-sector liaisons at the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in order to improve coordination and flow of information between the public and private sectors during disasters. At the EOC, decisions are made on prioritizing safety missions, protecting key infrastructure, and allocating resources. By working and building trust with key government agency partners, participating businesses benefit from improved situational awareness and can facilitate key resource requests during an actual emergency. Accurate, relevant, and validated timely information is often difficult to obtain during a disaster.

Have a Voice!

EOC Meeting

How does business communicate your needs with public agencies?

Business Emergency Operations Center

The private sector can inform the public sector of specific issues hindering their businesses’ recovery. Reporting these issues can assist the state in identifying bigger picture trends, possibly influencing priority of effort for the state recovery. The information may include situation reports and infrastructure status updates – information companies need in order to make better decisions regarding employee safety, business continuity, and customer relationships.

Business Resource Directory

NPP serves as a consortium of information including a Business Resource Directory. This directory provides a list of assets, equipment, and services available to the community to get the businesses back in operation following a disaster. The Business Resource Directory allows the business community to contribute in a cost-effective and leveraged way to recovery, which reduces the impact of emergencies in Nebraska communities.

Exercise Your Plan

Emergency Drill

What if you could participate in local exercises?

Training/Mentoring to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Emergency Training

How are you keeping up with the latest in emergency preparedness?