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Active Threat Response Training at UNO CEC

Despite the still-slick roads from the weekend blizzard, over 40 people braved the traffic to attend the Active Threat Response presentation by Officer Devin Crinklaw of the Omaha Police Department on February 26, 2019. Officer Crinklaw provided excellent information and imparted a bit of levity to a sobering subject. Attendees came away with signs to look for as a precursor and what they can do to be better prepared for an event like this in their businesses.

Because casualties from active killers most often involve profuse or fatal blood loss, Officer Crinklaw is of the firm belief that everyone should take Stop The Bleeding training. If you are interested in this training, contact NPP and we will get you connected.

Officer Devin Crinklaw, Omaha Police Department
Officer Devin Crinklaw presents valuable information to a captive audience.