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NPP Participates in Preparedness Workshop in Wayne, NE

Nebraska Preparedness Partnership was invited to attend a workshop hosted by Northeast Nebraska Emergency Managers and organizations held at the Wayne State College campus on March 8, 2019. NPP had a display table and was given the opportunity to introduce ourselves and what we do, as well as participate in networking opportunities.

Attendees listened to speakers on cyber security and conducting risk assessments. There was also a panel of speakers from a variety of public and private sector organizations to answer questions on how to prepare and respond to disasters. The panelists were all involved somehow with tornadoes that devastated the area the previous year.

Nic Kemnitz, Wayne County Emergency Manager, welcomes the group
The crowd listens attentively to Mike Paulsen from OPPD as he speaks on cyber security awareness and best practices
Dennis Snook (OPPD & NPP Board Member) instructs attendees on conducting risk assessments within their organizations.