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NPP Partners with Hy-Vee to Bring Supplies to Fremont During Flooding

Nebraska Preparedness Partnership was called to the State Emergency Operations Center to help with response to the winter storm and flooding mid-March 2019. While there, the city of Fremont was cut off from supplies or people coming in or out of the city due to surrounding flood waters and flooded roads and railroad tracks.

NPP was made aware of the beginnings of food and fuel shortages in Fremont via their partnership with Hy-Vee. Hy-Vee was supplying much of the food to shelters in Fremont, as well as those still living in their homes. NPP brought this to the attention of the EOC and work with the Nebraska National Guard, Department of Transportation, Nebraska State Patrol, Hy-Vee and others began to work out a way to bring in the necessary resources. It takes a lot of partnerships and logistics to pull off something of this magnitude. At the end of the day, the Nebraska State Patrol led a convoy of trucks into the area on roads that were still closed and barely passable.

This is a prime example of how public-private partnerships should work in a disaster.