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The best place to start your business continuity plan is with a risk assessment. The risk assessment is exactly as it sounds. It helps you identify the risks that are most likely to occur in your area and affect your business. The risk assessment tool developed by Kaiser Permanente is designed to make this process fairly easy and has become a standard for business risk assessments.


The business continuity plan (BCP) contains multiple sections of information you may need during a disaster. These sections provide information on communication with employees, customers, and vendors; critical equipment, hardware, and software; company procedures; prioritizing critical business processes; and much more.

CLICK HERE to download the following documents referenced in the webinars.

You should not need a password to access the folder, however, if asked, use:  NPPBCP2023!

The Business Continuity Master Template is used throughout the webinars and is a base BCP. It contains a lot of pages, however, much of it is instructions and information that can be deleted, as well as over 30 pages of appendices, checklists, and samples.

  • BCP Master Template
  • BCP Business Impact Analysis Template (BIA)
  • Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (Risk Assessment) Template
  • Physical Security Assessment Template
  • BCP Master Appendices Checklists
  • BCP Master Appendices Damage Assessment

CLICK HERE to watch/download the BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN (BCP) webinars. Please note, there are both .AVI files (higher resolution, higher overhead and may buffer) and .MP4 files (lower resolution, less overhead.)

You should not need a password to access the folder, however, if asked, use:  NPPBCP2023!

    • General Introduction to Business Continuity
    • Plan Section 1: BCP Overview
    • Plan Section 2: Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) & Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • Plan Section 3: Contact Information
    • Plan Section 4: Pre-Emergency Planning
    • Plan Section 5: BCP Activation and Implementation of BCP
    • Plan Section 6: BCP Deactivation of BCP and Restoration to Normal Operations
    • Plan Section 7: BCP Testing & Plan Section 8: BCP Maintenance
    • Plan Appendices: Introduction & High-level Overview of Appendices
    • Risk Assessment (Part 1)
    • Risk Assessment (Part 2)

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