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Building Readiness Through Partnership

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Access to Facilities Sooner

If roads or building access are restricted, who do you call?

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Direct Access to Police & Fire Information

How do you get your information from public entities in emergencies?

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Have a Voice!

How does business communicate your needs with public agencies?

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The successful interaction between public and private sectors is important for the whole community. Engaging these sectors during all phases of a community emergency or natural disaster is evidence that this success can be shared and achieved.

Paul W. Johnson - Director Douglas County Emergency Management Agency
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Exercise Your Plan

What if you could participate in local exercises?

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Training/Mentoring to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

How are you keeping up with the latest in emergency preparedness?

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  • Business Reentry Program
  • Representation in Local Emergency Operation Center
  • Participation in the Business Emergency Operation Center
  • Increased Involvement in Local, State, and Regional Emergency
  • Response Drills and Excercises
  • Training/Mentoring to Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Business Resources Directory