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    • 1 Feb 2021
    • (CST)
    • 31 Dec 2021
    • (CST)
    • online

    New Housing Course from NCDP!

    Recent disasters such as the wildfires out West, a record-breaking hurricane season, and COVID-19 across the United States have illuminated the need for more robust housing recovery planning to aid vulnerable populations during a crisis. Newly released, the National Center for Disaster Preparedness has launched an online course (AWR-371-W) with a focus on pre-disaster planning for housing recovery. This course, which is geared towards governments, nonprofits, communities, and businesses, will provide learners with an overview of disaster housing and on best practices for creating a housing recovery plan before a disaster occurs. Using case studies of recent disasters where housing was impacted, learners will analyze the lessons learned from these events. The course will also provide learners with an overview of emergency planning, how to identify and engage essential partners, as well as provide resources and toolkits to use in formulating the plan. To learn more and register for the course, click below:

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    • 2 Feb 2021
    • (CST)
    • 1 Jan 2022
    • (CST)
    • online

    The National Center for Disaster Preparedness, of the Earth Institute, Columbia University has been awarded 6 FEMA grants that focus on post-disaster economic and housing recovery. These free trainings include several collaborative activities, planning tools, tool kits, and geographic information system resources that learners can incorporate into their work practices.

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