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Lynch, NE Holds Ribbon Cutting for New Housing  (December 2021)
Over 2 years after the catastrophic flooding of 2019 occurred in Nebraska, 2 new houses become a reality for the Village of Lynch. Public, private, and nonprofit agencies that played a part in making these homes a reality were invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first home to be completed. NPP was honored to be among those who could help make this a reality.

FEMA Releases “Building Private-Public Partnerships" Guide  (July 2021)
Check it out! Nebraska is featured as a case study for the work we did during the 2019 flood!

FEMA releases the Building Private-Public Partnerships guide. The guide provides recommendations and best practices for jurisdictions to establish and maintain a private-public partnership to help coordinate mitigation, response and recovery planning and preparedness.

The Building Private-Public Partnership guide is an effort to build on the recent National Response Framework update. The update focuses on non-governmental capabilities to stabilize community lifelines and the continued need for aligning government efforts with the private sector. Private-public structures exist to reflect the interconnected and complex environment that emergency managers operate, especially within the context of more frequent and severe incidents – even before COVID-19.

FEMA worked on the guide with associations representing emergency management, government administration and the private sector. The guide provides recommendations and best practices for jurisdictions to establish and maintain a private-public partnership to help coordinate preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery planning. The guide will help both public and private sector emergency managers at all levels collaborate to increase community resilience. While the guide is written from a local perspective, any jurisdiction or private entity can use it.

Download the guide here:  Building Private-Public Partnerships

FEMA Releases “Building Private-Public Partnerships" Guide  (July 2021)
Check it out! Nebraska is featured as a case study for the work we did during the 2019 flood!

FEMA rele

NPP Partners with Hy-Vee to Bring Supplies to Fremont During Flooding

Nebraska Preparedness Partnership was called to the State Emergency Operations Center to help with response to the winter storm and flooding mid-March 2019. While there, the city of Fremont was cut off from supplies or people coming in or out of the city due to surrounding flood waters and flooded roads and railroad tracks.

NPP was made aware of the beginnings of food and fuel shortages in Fremont via their partnership with Hy-Vee. Hy-Vee was supplying much of the food to shelters in Fremont, as well as those still living in their homes. NPP brought this to the attention of the EOC and work with the Nebraska National Guard, Department of Transportation, Nebraska State Patrol, Hy-Vee and others began to work out a way to bring in the necessary resources. It takes a lot of partnerships and logistics to pull off something of this magnitude. At the end of the day, the Nebraska State Patrol led a convoy of trucks into the area on roads that were still closed and barely passable.

This is a prime example of how public-private partnerships should work in a disaster.

NPP Participates in Preparedness Workshop in Wayne, NE

Nebraska Preparedness Partnership was invited to attend a workshop hosted by Northeast Nebraska Emergency Managers and organizations held at the Wayne State College campus on March 8, 2019. NPP had a display table and was given the opportunity to introduce ourselves and what we do, as well as participate in networking opportunities.

Attendees listened to speakers on cyber security and conducting risk assessments. There was also a panel of speakers from a variety of public and private sector organizations to answer questions on how to prepare and respond to disasters. The panelists were all involved somehow with tornadoes that devastated the area the previous year.

The crowd listens attentively to Mike Paulsen, OPPD, as he speaks on cybersecurity awareness and best practices.

Dennis Snook, OPPD & NPP Board Member, instructs attendees on conducting risk assessments within their organization.

Active Threat Response Training at UNO CEC

Despite the still-slick roads from the weekend blizzard, over 40 people braved the traffic to attend the Active Threat Response presentation by Officer Devin Crinklaw of the Omaha Police Department on February 26, 2019. Officer Crinklaw provided excellent information and imparted a bit of levity to a sobering subject. Attendees came away with signs to look for as a precursor and what they can do to be better prepared for an event like this in their businesses.

Because casualties from active killers most often involve profuse or fatal blood loss, Officer Crinklaw is of the firm belief that everyone should take Stop The Bleeding training. If you are interested in this training, contact NPP and we will get you connected.

Officer Devin Crinklaw presents valuable information

to a captive audience

NPP-sponsored ICS 100 Training Informative and Successful

Battalion Chief Chris Langlois from the Omaha Fire Department instructed a full room of attendees on the Introduction to the Incident Command System. The presentation, held at the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District on January 29, 2019, invoked excellent conversation and questions on interactions between private businesses and the Fire Department.

ICS 100 - Introduction to the Incident Command System

ICS 100 - Introduction to the Incident Command System

B/C Chris Langlois, Omaha Fire Department

B/C Chris Langlois, Omaha Fire Department

NPP Participates in the Statewide Clinical Disaster Risk Assessment Workshop

The Nebraska Preparedness Partnership was invited to attend the 2-day Clinical Disaster Risk Assessment Workshop in Lincoln on December 17 and 18, 2018. Attendees broke into PET region groups as they worked through pandemic and surge tabletop exercises to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and gaps and to determine how emergency management, first responders, health care facilities, and the community could work together.

NPP Presents at Community Resilience Training

Dennis Snook and Nikki Weber present on Nebraska Preparedness Partnership at the Community Resilience Training sponsored by the Lincoln Community Foundation. Several businesses and organizations gathered for a full day at Cornhusker Bank in Lincoln to hear about preparedness and community resilience on December 12, 2018.

NEMA’s “Beacon” Newsletter includes NPP and Building Nebraska Resiliency

The July 2018 issue of Nebraska Emergency Management’s “Beacon” included an article on NPP and Building Nebraska Resiliency. 

july_2018_beacon – NPP Article

NPP Featured in Center for Preparedness Education “UnCentered” Article

NPP was a featured topic in the Spring 2018 edition of the “UnCentered” Magazine from the Center for Preparedness Information.

Spring-2018-UnCentered - NPP Article

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