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Build a Business Continuity Plan Section by Section

No matter what size or type of business you have, it is important to have a continuity of operations plan (COOP)/ business continuity plan (BCP) to help you respond to and recover from a disaster more quickly. 

A disaster does not need to be something large that affects a lot of people. A disaster can be something that only affects your organization and your ability to conduct business as usual. No matter the scope, it is important that you and your employees have plans for how you can continue operating and/or recover more quickly.

Nebraska Preparedness Partnership has developed a series of FREE webinars to help walk you through conducting a risk assessment and building a business continuity plan.

NOTE: We use the term "Business Continuity Plan" or "BCP" for simplicity throughout this series.

The intent of these webinars is to assist and encourage businesses without a BCP to take the time to create one. We know your time is valuable and that it is unlikely for you to sit down and write a plan all at once. Therefore, we have broken a template into sections so you can complete it at your own pace, section by section.

Completing just one section a month will result in a finished business continuity plan in less than a year!

There are hundreds of templates that exist! We have designed one to use throughout the webinars and to be useable by multiple organizations in a variety of industries. It is impossible to have a single plan that covers everything for every industry so there may also be information or sections you need to add. Conversely, there may be information you need to add. An added bonus to this template is that it includes more than 30 pages of checklists and samples in the appendices at the end!

The downloadable templates are 100% editable and YOURS

Click here to access the webinars and templates

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