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  • Cybersecurity Crossroads: The Intersection of Information, Technology, and People

Cybersecurity Crossroads: The Intersection of Information, Technology, and People

  • 27 Oct 2021
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • online

Join the National Cyber Security Alliance and Nasdaq for the 2021 Cybersecurity Summit, “Cybersecurity Crossroads: The Intersection of Information, Technology, and People.” The challenges faced by the cybersecurity community today are hitting mainstream headlines. However, new approaches to information sharing, securing technologies, and human-centric cyber training can empower organizations and professionals to enable a safer, more secure world.

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, experts will delve into the current cybersecurity landscape, and discuss how looking at cybersecurity as an intersection of information, technology and people can secure its future.

Featured Sessions:

Flipping the Switch: Prioritizing People in Cybersecurity

Over the past year, the cybersecurity industry has focused on its greatest asset: people. In the past, people-centric cybersecurity training may have been considered a low-tech approach, but the importance of a comprehensive internal training program can often be one of the most important defenses in an organization. Cyber policies must be coupled with comprehensive employee training to minimize human error and risks to company data in the long run. This session will discuss how to implement psychologically-based, behavior-changing approaches to employee training, and best practices for implementing and measuring effective training and awareness programs.

Global Information Sharing to Disarm Cyber Criminals

Cybersecurity experts have long advocated for increased information sharing between the public and private sectors. Increased collaboration creates a rich environment for industry experts to thwart threats from bad actors. In this session, experts will explain why a united front between government and businesses across the globe can elevate cyber response tactics as a whole, and what needs to be done to achieve a better information exchange dynamic in the future.

The Cybersecurity Solution: Educating Future Leaders

What can cyber leaders do today to create a strong, resilient, diverse cyber workforce for tomorrow? While the cybersecurity industry is constantly growing and evolving, there is a gap between supply and demand. Currently, there is a 3.12 million global workforce shortage of workers with cybersecurity skills with an increasing need to improve the amount of diverse workers in the field of cybersecurity. Some experts suggest that the answer is to educate students at an earlier age to prepare them for a career in cybersecurity later in life. In this panel, leading experts discuss educating future leaders and whether or not teaching cybersecurity to a younger audience could settle the skills gap.

Fireside Chat: The Supply Chain Ripple Effect

As one of the most devastating attacks on US infrastructure in recent years, the SolarWinds incident showed the world how a basic supply chain attack can send ripples through entire network infrastructures, allowing bad actors to penetrate the most complex business and government networks in the country. Join experts for a discussion of how one vulnerability can affect an entire ecosystem, and the steps cybersecurity leaders can take to mitigate the ripple effect.


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